Who are we?

Our Story

Native Tours Company Limited is based in Arusha, Tanzania. The company offers maximum tour experience all over the country with various itineraries and safari options as per your needs. As the name suggests, we are all about the reality on the ground through the knowledge of natives – their unique culture, animals, plants and their interaction. That is what Native Tours offers as an experience.

The company is family owned and managed by an experienced Maasai tour guide, Hosea Medukenya, who was born and raised in Maasai land. He is very knowledgeable with over 10 years experience of guiding. Hosea is passionate about wildlife conservation, holding a diploma in Wildlife Management from Mweka wildlife college.  He believes in ecotourism with a belief that conservation is nothing without people.

The company is fully registered, with TALA license, great guides, and equipped with reliable and comfortable vehicles for an amazing safari experience. We have solid partnerships and good relations with camps and lodges to suit your itinerary from one destination to another and that makes us uniquely positioned to organize a safari experience that meets your dreams.

Excellent Service

Native Tours believes everybody is different and customers will have different aspirations and reasons for choosing our company. With that understanding, we managed to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, continued business and a more enjoyable working experience.

We treat each of our customer in a special way, ensuring the best safari experience from the day of arrival to the day we wave each other good bye and beyond.

Great Guiding Skills

Native Tours is nothing without our guides. They are the backbone of our entire operation. Our guides are unique, perfectly tuned for the demanding job of ensuring that our customers get the best experience.  We are proud to have guides who are honest, experienced and knowledgeable.

Comfortable & Reliable Transport

Native tours offer custom safari-built 4 wheel drive vehicles – Toyota Land Cruiser for your comfort & safety while exploring the amazing National Parks / Terrain in Tanzania.

Our vehicles include custom built Toyota Land cruiser extended versions with pop-up roofs & roof hatches above the driver’s guide seat. The advantage of a pop-up roof is that the client experiences shade whilst out on game drives during any time of the day. The pop-up roof also allows a 360 degree view all around.

Our Land cruiser is equipped with:


Extra raised side windows and windscreen for better viewing


Accessories Rack


Toolkit and first aid kit


Heavy duty suspensions


Winding window


Electric fridge (for storage of beverages)


Electrical sockets for charging (220 volts)


Bean bags for stabilizing camera while photographing