Hot air balloon Safari

Hot air balloon safari

Something that you can try once in a lifetime and it can be offered only in Tarangire and Serengeti. The Serengeti balloon is available all year at Seronera, Ndutu area of Southern Serengeti from January to end of March and in Kirawira Western Serengeti from June to August and also from July to end of October at Northern Serengeti

You will be picked up at your lodge or camp at 5:30AM to a launching site, where you will be briefed by your pilot. One hour ride will take you through Serengeti plains as the sun rises over the horizon. The view is so different from up there sometimes so high you can see a hundred miles in every direction. You may see wildebeest migration heading on your way, also you may float silently over the river filled with hippos snorting and yawning, you can see giraffes, waterbucks, buffalos, Topi and many other different animals. Eventually, you will land and be congratulated by the ground crew and you will celebrate with sparkling wine and served a full English breakfast cooked and served in the bush.