Zanzibar, the exotic Spice Island, lies just off the coast of Tanzania. Its white sandy beaches and brilliant blue ocean make the island a perfect place to top off your African journey. The blend of African, Indian and Arab cultures is reflected in the island’s fascinating architecture and culture. Explore historic Stone Town, a UNESCO city full of mysterious passageways, stone walls and the famous carved teak Zanzibar doors. Investigate Zanzibar’s dark history of ivory, spice and slave trading.

Zanzibar is a small island, but there’s so much to discover. Arrange a half-day excursion to Prison Island to visit the Giant Tortoise preserve and snorkel among coral reefs. Go on a spice plantation tour. Above all, enjoy relaxing on the beach or a stroll on the white sandy shore.

Beautiful Island of Africa!

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Zanzibar is the perfect destination all year through.

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